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Digital Career Fair Online Now / S1 Finale P1

The best part of being in the seasonal format is fluidity. Each season can focus on a specific set of topics and subject matter. Season One was about UX Design, Entrepreneurship and Engineering. We had interviews with people like Chris Marciano, Miguel Coder and Greg Morawietz who are experts in their respective fields of UX...

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Episode 12: How Technical People can do Better as Managers

It is well known that once technical employee’s have years of experience in their fields they get promoted to a management position. Some of the skills these new managers need to succeed is the advanced knowledge to oversee an engineering or design department. While other skills that are common to all managers, they may need...

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Episode 11: The Importance of Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance

Kash Momodu is a Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance Engineer who worked at FitBit and Square. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State. While the hype is all about Software Engineering and Programming the products we use today would not be possible without a solid Quality Assurance approach. Even...

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Episode 10: From MVP to Minimum Lovable Product with Ed Ipser

Ed Ipser is the founder of IpserLab and Coactify. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has been an an entrepreneur since right out of college. Learning from these founding experiences he has been applying his experience but has also found that building a successful business based on technology often involves elements of market...

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Episode 8: Ryan Matthew, Working Remotely and The New Normal

Ryan Matthew is a partner and co-founding member of Neuron, a UX Design and strategy consultancy in San Francisco. He has been working remotely for years with Neuron and since operations have moved to fully remote because of the Covid-19 Pandemic he has great insights into the current shelter-in-place order which required many businesses to...

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Episode 7: Andrew Jarecki on working remotely in UX Design during Covid-19

UX Designer Andrew Jarecki is a UX designer with over 8 years of experience. That said, he is not a junior designer anymore. With this experience we talk to him about his career in UX design. Currently, he is a contractor at Visa and we also talk about some career and resume tips to get...

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Episode 5: Entrepreneur Danny Mclane Talks Tech and Motivation

Danny Mclane is the owner and operator of JamiiTech, a web and application development agency in San Jose, California. He gives mentoring to youth groups, creates technology strategies for businesses and speaks on career growth in tech. He is a leader and visionary. As someone well positioned in the Silicon Valley to give insight into...

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Episode 2: Greg Morawietz On Web Security and Big Data

We will be sitting down with Greg Morawietz the owner of Single Point of Contact(SPOC) a web security company in Palo Alto, CA. We talk about big data, privacy concerns and how regular users can secure their computers.

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Episode 1: Chris Marciano – 10x with UX

For the first episode of Unmotive Show we have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Marciano from Neuron UX which is a UX design firm located in San Francisco. Their offices were originally in Palo Alto. They host a regular UX meetup called Beer and UX where over 1000 UXers have met to share their...

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