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DEI isn’t a new thing, but it is in its trial period. Tied to culture season 2 episode 4 brings us a guest who was looking for a new way to look at the topic of DEI and found it in the sub-group of white affinity. Depending on your ethnic or cultural upbringing there may be a difference in opinion from the extreme path of the recent past. We now have the luxury move forward with positive outlooks. The episode will take all the serious elements of DEI that could be laid bare but are heightened here in a very specific way. 

Querying technology focuses on what it means to reimagine technology and also who invented technology; including the people that invented technology. Local working class folks who are largely left out, working low income jobs at Facebook and Google […] Developing local hiring strategies strategies in East Palo Alto, Richmond and San Francisco.

What is white affinity

Listeners of this episode will have a good understanding of the term white affinity by the end of the episode by going in deep with Mira Stern, an equity consultant who has worked as an educator in Oakland. Yes, she has a college degree and owns a house and, yes, she uses the gender pronouns to identify herself. She learned from working within the education system and seeing the gentrification in Oakland. This isn’t a taking it to the streets story, nor is it information for the masses to consume. She is working every day full time, doing what she knows best from the side of white culture, approaching topics like how to act with courage and dignity.  

Features, surveys, and the real world

Power is a relative thing and has been superimposed on the left – power to the people, money is power and money doesn’t grow on trees are usually used as diatribes. There are, of course, many takes on the subject of white affinity. A group of white people talking about anti-racism without anyone to speak for the victims of racism is something to consider. Mira’s take on this is that her audience can sometimes feel it is their responsibility to act in a manner that produces certain outcomes for DEI. Mira focuses on work with businesses and organizations where there is less room for a one solution fit’s all scenario. Mira has built her system with knowledge of this fact through years teaching African-American and Latino youths, working with school administrations, and her own personal beliefs.

Getting with the times

The YouTube video of this episode will be uploaded to the channel next week. In the last few weeks, Adobe Audition has been my friend with the help of challenges on When the next episode rolls around in two weeks, we will be talking about deep fakes, the entertainment biz, and Marilyn Monroe with VoiceAmerica producer Randall Libero. As for the social media channels, there are a ton of events on that are inspiration to post in tandem with this release. Just in case I’m not the expert in the matter. Stay tuned for that and more in the coming weeks. 

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