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Did you know mental health struggles are unexpectedly common in the United States? The numbers are staggering, with 1 in 5 adults stated as having mental health issues. Everything from depression to anxiety. On the other end of the spectrum which requires treatment by professionals is bipolar and schizophrenia. The movie A Beautiful Mind with Russel Crowe explores the life of Nobel Prize winner John Nash, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A little-known fact is that Nash is medication-free and learned to manage his symptoms. Maybe it’s a rumor, I will leave that to your imagination. Although medications did help, he didn’t see reductions in his symptoms as a benefit. It is quite ordinary for mental health issues to go untreated for various reasons from medical coverage, to not wanting to address the problem, severity and more. Unmotive Show wants to be part of an understanding of mental health issues by those affected and those who are not afflicted. Mental health has become more understood today, with the whole month of May dedicated to mental health awareness. Even still, there is a stigma that surrounds mental health problems because people either don’t understand what’s going on or perhaps are set in their ways. I had to look up the term “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and there were two different definitions. Even people who have mental health issues can be unsupportive of mental health awareness. There is also the idea of well-being, which is a little less misunderstood. There are little life hacks you can use to increase your level of well-being. From being part of a community to enjoying more time with family to starting a hobby, these life hacks can also be of use to people with mental health issues and are often suggested by mental health professionals. Mental health problems don’t make you any less of a person, although you can sometimes feel that way. Just like anyone, life has its ups and downs. While I am not a mental health professional, I am somewhat of a hobbyist. I have the belief that growth comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in checking out a podcast by a mental health professional, check out The Virtual Couch by Tony Overbay, LMFT. If you’re in the mood for a fun and open discussion that can lighten the mood surrounding mental health, then stay tuned for season 3 of Unmotive Show about mental health.

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