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We owe it to ourselves to take a look into the future rather than the past every once in a while, even though it may look like deduction over reduction. Overtime, and under the sun – “nope, says the many ways that flame-broil a burger”. Do you buy it?

As luck happens, knowing this in advance can be cumbersome. The reason behind such overages is not always the same. Sometimes you do; sometimes you don’t, and you don’t have to travel very far if you know what you are doing.

In either case there is nobody that can be wrong because either side widens the gap between the other. Who would’ve thought repeating luck would overcome big things that are in the middle = “Which happens when half of the costliest mistakes there are to make keep things kosher in the modern era” Let’s stop tailing bad luck, add a few verbs, take away a noun and leave it to sheer delight of the masses.

The closer you are to something the higher that gravity becomes, right.

We have a right to be as subjective as we want pertaining to any matters that don’t regard the safety and security of others in our area code, zip code and trivial as it may seem – yours and mine – scope of influence.


Intro and Outro Mix by Joakim Karud on Soundcloud
Editing by Mike Loretto

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