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The two most recent episodes were with Ed Ipser on various topics in tech entrepreneurship and Kash Momodu with his discourse on the engineering side of things. These episodes were great because both guests come from an engineering background. The former in data analysis and the later in hardware. Since the first season was focused on being a tech show that centered on design; I always ask guests questions related to design. Myself, I am not a designer by trade but I do consider myself a UX Enthusiast.

I had originally announced that the season finale episodes would start this month but due to the effort necessary to produce them, they will be released next month instead. In the interim, I have a very special episode with consultant Arlyne Diamond who has also published 5 books on organizational strategy.

This episode is for everyone who has been listening thus far and any new listeners just joining. This episode isn’t just for those interested in tech. Arlyne has insight into aspects of career development that can be beneficial to anyone who works. For technical workers we talk about what you as a technical employee can do to position yourself for a successful path to management.

Arlyne has provided her services to top companies in the area, in all industries. She specializes in helping her clients take the skills they have been building and apply these skills in ways they may not have considered. For example, passing on this knowledge to other employees who would take direction from them or jumping out of the role of technical employee into one of the where you manage people. Arlyne says “one of the people skills you need as a manager is to be able to make other people look good”.

Season 2

This episode is a good example of our upcoming content in Season 2. The tagline “culture from the lens of technology” means that we will be looking at any topic that is of importance to culture and use technology as the backdrop for the discussions.

There will be shorter episodes of 5-10 minutes long where we posit a question and then answer the question in a way that only Unmotive Show can, with gusto. We will also be releasing more episodes, the goal is to release at least 4 a month.

Season 2 will have a good mix of standard interview episodes as well. One planned episode in Season 2 is with a Punk Rock musician of the band “Clay Wheels”from the Bay Area who grew up in the skateboard scene. Another episode is with a Pastor from a church that has a co-working space called “Sacred Space” that they organize and run at the church.

Look for the first Season 2 episodes coming towards the end of the year.


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Season Finale Part One - Out Now

The season finale episode part one is out now featured unreleased content from Chris Marciano, Miguel Coder and Greg Morawietz. Look for part 2 coming soon.
Out Now

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