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The most recent episode was released featuring Ed Ipser on his entrepreneurial journey, MVP’s and Minimum Lovable Products. It was a great episode because we had a chance to record additional content to be used for the season 1 finale. I can’t wait to sit down and edit the episode. We can only fit about 4 – 5 episodes out of the series into the finale and it will already stretch to 2 finale episodes.

The goal of the season finale is to introduce the next seasons format.  

We will take unreleased content from the past episodes and create 5-10 minute pieces on each past episodes topic. This will be in the format of a question which will be followed by glossy and smooth coverage based on general knowledge found on the internet and social media.

It won’t be spun, it won’t be gritty. It will be general knowledge answers that seek to entertain and inform. That said, I am looking forward to making a composition that includes outside voices. I will be approaching influencers, bloggers and other knowledgable parties to weight in on each topic.

There are only 1-2 episodes of regular interview content left. This month will be Kash Momodu who will talk about his experience as a Quality Assurance and Failure Specialist at Fitbit and Square. 

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Season Finale with your comments

For the Final Episode of Unmotive we will be doing an exposé/discussion type of episode like an NPR news segment. The finale will include extra content from some of the earlier guests and content request by you, the listeners. Make sure to post on social media or in the comments of the episode post pages so we can make it great closing episode together.

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