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Two months have passed since the last episode with Pastor Jake Duckworth of Sacred Space, a faith based coworking space in Palo Alto. During that time the host – Rotimi – has been making moves both figuratively and literally. The development of the productivity app Goal Oasis is on its way to release of the beta version for the first group of users in August. If you are interested in being part of the beta test message me

Plus a milestone of relocating back to the SF Bay Area after a year and a half away, securing the office location for Questist LLC, and all the heavy lifting that comes with moving. Instead of using U-Haul, a Ram 1500 was procured from Turo with a Tesla logo wrapped around it. One person enthusiastically walked right up and asked “Do you work at Tesla?” All well and good, except for the fact that a few items were lost in the hustle and bustle. There is someone walking around with a free bass guitar in a traveling case. Hopefully, the band get’s back together.

Unmotive Show will be back full-steam ahead with episodes releasing bi-monthly leading up to the season 2 finale. Episode 3 is a three person interview with Tulley Rafferty – a software programmer from Twitch and creator of live-action puzzle game Splinter, and Brian Krawitz – the creator of The Connected Experience who has been an organizer at Burning Man for many years. 

Episode 4 is with Mira Stern an enterprise level coach who teaches about DEI issues she calls white affinity. One of Mira’s recent clients was LinkedIn which we will talk about in her interview. 

Episode 5 is with Randall Libero, Senior Executive Producer at VoiceAmerica one of the first online podcasting streaming portals. He has over 30 years in the entertainment business with prestigious awards agency award nomination, years writing national and international breaking news for CBS Radio and AOL Time Warner. His most recent endeavor is as co-producer of the dramatic podcast “Marilyn: Behind the Icon” which has garnered thousands of views since its release.

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