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After the holidays started there were rough seas ahead. Apparently, the security of a full-time job, paying clients, and a pro-bono project delayed the onset of the pandemics affect’s yours truly – the host of Unmotive Show. It wasn’t the technical difficulties or planning deficits that often plague digital projects, it was the third – lack of money – or rather lack of money which in turn caused the necessity to allocate time elsewhere. In fact, I had trouble paying the bills on the server which were thankfully covered for one month by one of the customers I was hosting a website for. In fact, the podcast streaming service that was only $5 wouldn’t have been paid that month if it wasn’t for that blessing.  

I was on unemployment like many people after the pandemic and was living off of it. I was unsure of what I wanted to do, and whether I even wanted to go back to work. I am bootstrapping a non-profit in the education or professional education which is currently being geared towards the trades, and non-standard post-secondary adult education. It’s not too bad as an adult for me, although I am now living at my mother’s house again. I basically fit a one-bedroom apartments accumulation of stuff in the smallest bedroom in our condo. I have tools to left of me and a TV to the right, and my recording equipment sufficiently packed for quick access.  

This season will be the last season of Unmotive Show. There will be one more episode released next month, and then two season finales on Crypto and NFT’s. We may have a special guest or two for one of the two season finale episodes. The next episode is with Rosalinda Gallegos who began her career with University of California, Santa Cruz as a student advocate in the administration office, and is now working with professional sports teams on their mental health awareness programs. Keep a look out for that in the next month, and for more news about the season finale which will drop in February. 


Intro and Outro Mix by Joakim Karud on Soundcloud
Editing by Mike Loretto

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