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2023 has come to an end, and it’s time to usher in the new 2024 year with good tidings of joy and new beginnings. Our show’s been about technology and trends that make up the internet up to this point. That included interviews with entrepreneurs in tech like Danny McClane and UX designers like Chris Marciano and Ryan Matthew the founders of Neuron, a design firm in San Francisco. The second season took a more holistic approach where we discussed topics more engrained in the culture behind the internet. From Mira Sterns unique take on DEI to Randall Libero interlude about podcasting. Season 2 was interrupted mid-way in 2022. I had some mental health struggles and couldn’t see my way, I was lost. It took a lot for me to get back to the point where podcasting was an option. I was originally going to stop podcasting, but then I had an epiphany. Why not talk about mental health? I was prepped for the topic of mental health from the beginning. When I came up with the name Unmotive Show it was from the word Emotive which means “arousing or able to arouse intense feeling”. Emotive and Unmotive sound a lot like the direction of mental health. Also, I had the idea that when I stopped this podcast, I would start another podcast or work on producing. So why not kill two birds with one stone? I originally was hesitant to admit I had a problem with mental health on the air which is natural since it can be a personal affair. Mental Health can also be quite private in some respects, like in the therapeutic setting. At first, the drama and pressure of what I was going through were a barrier. I had no job, which fed into my un-motivation – pardon the pun. I lost pleasure in things that used to fire me up. For example, I can’t sit down and read for more than 15 minutes at a time before I lose interest. Reading was therapeutic and made me a better writer too. I like tying writing and podcasting together with the season finale. When I returned to podcasting in episode 7 of season 2 with DJ Jay Hills episode you can probably see that my show notes were short but became longer as time went on. I think the episode with Ari Gunzberg is a good example of the type of interviews in season 3 since he is a coach and motivational speaker. Word of caution, if you have a real mental health crisis it’s best to seek help from a trained professional, not a life coach. I am trying to keep it light-hearted and fun, so I will be leaning on the subjects that surround mental health. Also, since I am not a trained professional, the best course of action is to take a holistic approach. A good podcast by a psychiatrist you can check out is The Virtual Couch by Tony Overbay, LMFT. But if you’re looking for a whimsical mental health podcast from the lens of personal well-being, stay tuned because we have something for you here. The season 2 finale will be two episodes, the first will be aligned with the season 2 content on the internet from the lens of culture, answering the question “With the internet taking so much of our time, how do we keep our mental well-being in good standing”. The second season 2 finale episode will be a transitional episode, getting us prepped and ready for the brand-new topics and theme of mental health for season 3. 

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