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Rotimi Ajayi-Dopemu

Host of Unmotive Show

I started this podcast to get better at communication and make the subjects of technology and personal growth fun to talk about. A little about me, I jumped into coding back in 2000’s by learning by doing with C++, a strongly typed programming language. Once the internet became popular, I wanted in. I began to teach myself web design too.

I worked as a front-end engineer for an agency then continued entrepreneurial pursuits with Questist LLC. I’m genuinely hoping to give something back that will fill in the gaps between technology professionals and casual users.

I enjoy spending time with family and walking our dog. I am avid reader, I currently have a stack of self-help books I’m waiting to read. Some of the books are personal growth and some are technical manuals, I would venture to guess depending on your personal growth goals either one is a life hack. I enjoy the simplicity in board games like Mancala or Pictionary. When I’m not podcasting, I like to spend an hour or two trying out new software I wouldn’t normally use.

I am a Radical Creative Amazing Passionate Web Designer

About Our Podcast

The idea of emoticon’s stirs to mind software communication methods that are universal. The internet holds a wealth of information but it also has it’s rabbit holes. This shows origin comes from the idea that what’s new may take some unravelling to get the most out of. The topics of internet culture and mental health don’t seem to mix on the surface level. On the micro level mental health and internet culture have a lot in common. Join us as we discuss new developments and opportunities in internet culture and personal growth.

Unmotive is a process; it is searching for answers without worrying about the status quo. The show revolves around technology as a way to communicate this process.

When we use technology we just want it to work. Unmotive: Real Interviews and Cool Web Trends  explores why the future of the ecosystem was developed for the casual user.

To that end, taking a look at the topic of mental health, culture and communication with technology in a way that produces calm and collectiveness. We have all experienced a smart phone drop a call or a bug causes the computer to slow down. What if when this happens a sense of tranquility occurs that restores sensibility as problem virtually remedy itself.

Unmotive Show is a friendly explorative journey through the world of personal growth and technology. A brief look at digital transformation from a casual users point of view to win the day!

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