Month: February 2020

Episode 6: Ted Holladay on Design, the Future and a Digital Now

Creative Director Ted Holladay speaks from his years in the industry as a designer and running his studio. We talk about some things every designer should know about working with clients. Later on we get into a section on bridging the gap between computer users who didn’t grow up on tech and the generation that did grow up with it, like his two 15 and 16 year old kids. We also have a short discussion about the future of technology as it relates to design.

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Episode 5: Entrepreneur Danny Mclane Talks Tech and Motivation

Danny Mclane is the owner and operator of JamiiTech, a web and application development agency in San Jose, California. He gives mentoring to youth groups, creates technology strategies for businesses and speaks on career growth in tech. He is a leader and visionary. As someone well positioned in the Silicon Valley to give insight into technology we are pleased to speak with him on The Unmotive Show.

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Episode 4: An Artists Take on Digital Life with Judy Gittelsohn

Judy has been creating art and selling her art using both online and traditional methods. She is a avid reader and has a lot to say about web trends from the perspective of someone who didn’t grow up with technology. The Unmotive Show seeks to bridge the gap between casual technology users and professionals and as part of that goal we want to explore how our society has changed because of technology.

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