Episode 4: An Artists Take on Digital Life with Judy Gittelsohn

Judy has been creating art and selling her art using both online and traditional methods. She is a avid reader and has a lot to say about web trends from the perspective of someone who didn’t grow up with technology. The Unmotive Show seeks to bridge the gap between casual technology users and professionals and as part of that goal we want to explore how our society has changed because of technology.

Judy talks about the hustle of an artist. How does this relate to design and coding? Only tangentially. The way she goes about her job is different than a designer but some of the things she has experienced as a artist who sells work on commission are similar to things that a designer might go through working with a client.

A study in 1980’s asked a group of 4th graders how many felt special, only 2 raised their hands, the study asked 4 graders in the 2000’s how many felt special and almost all of them raised their hands. […] when we all feel special their a sense that your better that someone else.

Most importantly of all, we get into some of my favorite parts of doing the podcast. The philosophical debates that surface as culture changes and we adopt new technologies. Judy is able to describe this from both a professional standpoint as someone who is able to reach more people with her art and a personal standpoint as someone who has an opinion about the way our world has changed because of technology.

You can find her work on www.judyg.com or in the Artwork Archives

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