Keeping ourselves mentally healthy while practically living on the internet / S2 Finale

This episode is the season finale of season two, which is themed around culture from the lens of technology. We had a lot of great guests for this season of the show. Our season finale episode brings the guests back with unreleased footage in a montage-type episode. We answer the question about how we keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy while having a life that revolves around the internet. So if you work in the area of tech or are an avid internet user, then this episode is for you. There are quite a few ways that the internet can affect our mental health, both positive and negative. For example, the internet can take up a lot of time and is a sedentary activity. Our message is that you should stay cognizant of how you feel when using the internet, for example by keeping a mood journal. In the most basic way, a mood journal is an attempt to stay aware of how the internet affects you. Not only that, but you should also look at how internet use is worked into your daily routine. I like that we’re able to have great access to the internet because it works as well as it does in America. The internet is a mode we use to work, but it’s also a way to share our experiences, which isn’t bad. However, we should be aware that not everything on the internet is good. It’s not black and white because we don’t all think the same way and what’s on the internet may be a cup of tea for one person and not for another person. The world can be seen as both an outward manifestation and an inward manifestation of ourselves. We can all agree that the internet is a great way to share our cultural experiences. At the same time, it has a huge impact on most of our lives, behaviors, and thoughts. I believe that subconsciously we gravitate towards things that interest us, strengthening the connections to the neurons in our brains. In that sense, we are somewhat inclined towards a sort of tunnel vision. The internet only increases a proclivity towards spending time building on what we are already exposing ourselves to. We should be careful what we choose to spend our time building in our lives. Out with the old in with the new is the consensus, but on the internet, the new is usually more of what we are already interested in or have on our minds. I hope that the season finale episode helps you build a healthy routine for your computer use and learn to enjoy it more.

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