Episode 5: Entrepreneur Danny Mclane Talks Tech and Motivation

Danny Mclane is the owner and operator of JamiiTech, a web and application development agency in San Jose, California. He gives mentoring to youth groups, creates technology strategies for businesses and speaks on career growth in tech. He is a leader and visionary. As someone well positioned in the Silicon Valley to give insight into technology we are pleased to speak with him on The Unmotive Show.

We talk about entrepreneurial topics such as business growth and technology strategy from the perspective of a talented leader in the field who gives advice to other businesses. Danny also tutors and creates teaching courses for youth such as his blockchain program.

To that person listening, dream big, dream crazy. Someone is out there waiting for what you have.

Most importantly of all, we get to talk about motivation and get into a discussion about the future of the podcasts direction and how that relates to the content we have been releasing thus far.

You can find Danny’s business website at JamiiTech

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