Coaching & Motivation w/ Ari Gunzburg

Next up we have Ari Gunzburg. Ari is a graphic design director by day and by night he is a motivational speaker and life coach. Graphic design is just to pay the bills, but his real love is speaking. Covid-19 put a damper on his speaking engagements, but he is getting started a’new with his passion. We even do an impromptu coaching session live during this episode’s podcast. We start with a discussion about how he got started in motivational speaking. 

“If the glass is half full you can always drink what’s in the glass” 

 Later we get into philosophy like answering the question how someone can find their destiny or what they are passionate about. In the same vein we also talk about how people can live their best life for which he speaks from personal experience and as a coach. Later we talked about his job as a director of graphic design and the nature of this job in relation to his passion and motivational speaking. You can find more about Ari’s work on his website  

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