Bringing the digiverse together for greater good

In this episode of Unmotive Show, we talk with Brian Krawitz talks more about his project “The Connected Experience” (T.C.E). He has been presenting the idea to many high-profile business contacts from corporations nationwide. To learn more about T.C.E visit the website or listen to the discussion in episode three of this podcast. Brian shares his views on culture, art, and science as a point of connection bringing people together in one space. 


A connector of people 

Brian has always been an artist or technology person and also a people person with a unique ability to visualize things people would be interested in and manifest it. “I believe in my imagination and I help bring it to reality”.  

The Connected Experience 

T.C.E started up some months ago with a collaboration with another project in the Singularity University, Australia. The project is about connecting the physical and virtual realities in simultaneous interaction using biofeedback as the communications tool. The purpose is to show how beautiful technology is, to help accelerate the development of Virtual Reality Education and Telehealth. 

White Mirror 

White Mirror is the antithesis of the ” Black Mirror” show. It shows modern-day technology, telling stories of the future based on the present to help guide the path so people won’t be afraid of it; this is described as Science Prediction. The aim is to take the idea of science fiction and create more reality around it. The Connected Experience ties into this as the actual proof that technology is used to connect the world together. 

What is Burning Man? 

Burning man is an intentional community. If you wanted to go to a place and figure out how to build it, Burning Man would be the sandbox in which you would try to figure it out. When you try to create something that most people might not see as a way of doing things in the norm, it may be that you may see the norm as not making sense which is often true because we’re often just locked into the idea of the norm, and not necessarily the rationality by behind it. 

“Before you connect with people, you have to discover who you are” 

On Alt Space, the goal is to mentor through storytelling by narrating who you are, and your journey there for others to absorb when they hear something’s that piques their interest; this helps them have a platform to rub minds when they have something related that they need help with. It is believing in what you do and getting help from people which also inspires others to reach out to do something.  

“What seems like irrational behavior is me breaking the rules to remake the rules”  

“Everyone has great ideas but then expects someone else to do it” Everything we do is so important from sweeping the floor to quantum physics. We need to start having belief in the power of human beings, that everything we do is beautiful. 

Discussing Culture 

Brain talks about an Alt space for culture which he created, called Unity Sanctuary. This is a space aesthetically based on different cultures and religions, and the different kinds of values shown through artistic expression. We need to make environments that open our minds to different cultures because there are things certain cultures do that others don’t, however, if we gave them some thought, we may realize that it appeals to us.  

“All culture is beautiful” 

Culture and Connectedness 

T.C.E is bridging the gap between different cultures and religions all over the world through artistic expression. The goal is to take the beauty of each different culture, and bringing them together in one space to have a portal of communication, consequently sharing it and building relationships. “Although we have conflict in the world, 99% of people are beautiful, and it’s only a small percent who are the instigators of evil” When this 99% can come together and start to appreciate other cultures, they connect with the people much more and this is the idea behind the connected experience. Culture is everyone coming together with their beautiful visions to form a “We-topia“. 


The diversity of Brian’s experience 

Brian is also involved in 3D modeling and electrical engineering, digital arts, music, and storytelling. He started his career at Bloomberg TV as a TV operator, learning about camera work, video and audio editing, directing, and others. He also worked as a Senior Engineer and in music. This diverse working experiences inspired him to develop a “Creative Technology Consultation” where he finds ways to help people develop their ideas into reality.   


Separate Burning Man from life 

Brian keeps his life as one whole entity and does not separate his Burning Man experiences. A lot of people separate them because they’re afraid that people won’t understand what they’re doing. Although the organization sets up the infrastructure, the community itself builds Burning Man. 


Final thoughts 

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned about life is that the best time to do something is now, as the past is past, tomorrow might not come” Just remember it’s never too late regardless of what you think, just sometimes either a bit more challenging or possibly not perfect timing. Brian shares that he plans to start his podcast titled “Turning a pandemic into a world-changing experience”. Join Brian’s virtual conversation every Monday at 7pm, on “Virtual conversations for content creators” on Alt space. 

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