Episode 8: Ryan Matthew, Working Remotely and The New Normal

Ryan Matthew is a partner and co-founding member of Neuron, a UX Design and strategy consultancy in San Francisco. He has been working remotely for years with Neuron and since operations have moved to fully remote because of the Covid-19 Pandemic he has great insights into the current shelter-in-place order which required many businesses to move employee’s to remote work.

Like in our last episode we are focusing on working remotely since it relates to how technology is helping many companies weather these strange times. Businesses are able to comply with the stay-at-home order and continue to operations running by remote work. Ryan talks a little bit about how this has been for his company with some technical tips as well as thoughts on the current climate as it relates to everyone affected.

When the quarantine first started mid-March, my partners and I were focused on the short-term. Making sure the wheels keep turning so we could get through this period. A few weeks ago, we realized we can’t just hold our breath since this may a while, so we shifted our focus to figuring out how to adapt the business to the circumstances to not only survive this period, but continue to grow.

We conclude with Ryan’s take on how these times may play out with regards to UX design. For example he talks about contactless kiosks made with new sensor technology and more.

You can visit Neuron’s website to find out more about Ryan’s work.

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