Cultural differences that work for us w/ Rosalinda Gallegos

As a society, we tend to forget that artists are human beings who have past traumas which if neglected will start to consume you”

This can often be linked to the lack of a support system for these issues to be addressed. Having the necessary infrastructure and workforce in mental health and wellness will immensely help give support to those that need it.

Setting boundaries

When trying to set internal boundaries in any aspect of your life, it is important to identify the beneficial role that each entity already plays in that aspect, and find an alternative way to keep such roles functional while setting the boundary. It is crucial to ask ourselves certain questions, including “what good does it do? where is it good for us to do that? how does it contribute to the bigger picture?” and “do we really need it?” We sometimes have to set boundaries in relationships and find ways to communicate without necessarily having difficult conversations but there are cases where we need to have these conversations to function healthily in the relationship.

Finance in relationships

It is pivotal for couples to have conversations regarding finances without anyone feeling offended. This may include creating a list of joint expenses and deciding on what needs to be taken off the list or how expenses would be shared. Beyond this, having a conversation with ourselves about our own expenses also plays a significant role in deciding on which expenses are necessities, before having the conversation with our partners.

“If we don’t have a good financial relationship with ourselves, then we really don’t have much room to have that conversation with our significant other”

Building our personal financial relationships can be achieved through journaling which involves mapping out our finances to have a clear picture of income, expenses, and savings. We need to be wired to always ask, “do I want this or do I need it?” and “Can it wait?“. It is not particularly a skill to hone but it is to rewire your mind to ask these particular practical questions.

Being grateful

Rosalinda encourages listeners to itemize things they’re grateful for as often as possible, starting with the simplest things. Just being grateful can change the way you start your day each day and your general outlook on life.

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