Unpacking two software creators independent attitudes

Presenting a special episode of Unmotive Show. Season 2 Episode 3 on culture from the lens of technology has us visiting with Brian Krawitz – creator of The Connected Experience, and Tulley Rafferty – creator of Splinter, an indie game available on steam. Both these self-starters are professionals with years of experience in software and media and as luck would have it, they are aware of the community and culture that has grown around Burning Man and Twitch, respectively. 

[TR] If you get one wish always wish for more wishes, you can parcel them out [BK] Every time 11:11 hits I wish for every one to be OK, the angel number

Out of the way places on the internet

It’s great to have them on the show and talk about what made them pursue their independent endeavors that relate to technology. Whether it’s serendipity, fate or a social experiment, there aren’t any big questions we are answering this episode. Most of the time users of the internet are in the dark about the ins and outs of the expansive and often tumultuous nature of the internet. The far corners are brought to us by the many portals, platforms and social medias. Each individual user owns the space they have in mind translated through consciousness that isn’t necessarily tied to the electronics and computers. Brian states it more succinctly. 

How to bring your vision to life

Could be a well written game where all the P’s and Q’s have been crossed by the creators of the software, we use much like a game creator meticulously designs a world. The end-user doesn’t necessarily need to be privy to any of that. Until something changes mysteriously and causes an upheaval like in the Splinter game which is made up of live-action gaming with puzzling elements delivered in the same vein as the classic Myst and the Seventh Guest games.

Searching the Globe

Overall, we look the subject of culture from popular news figures like Elon Musk to influencers like your favorite twitch influencer. No surprises in this episode with these two completely different software projects and their creators. Sometimes the unknown can be pleasant when there is a healthy dose of fun and mystery. By the way, the Connected Experience has an explainer video on the website and the Splinter game is available on steam. 

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