How does culture influence technology? / S1 Finale P2

Many people have avatars or persona’s they adopt on different platforms. There are terabytes of content that is made up of media from large organizations, friends to employee’s. The trouble with having such a wide array of content is that it may appear there is no connection from one platform to the next. In this episode we will explore the idea of culture and answer the question “how is the internet a representation of our culture and why is it that internet users have been able to make these changes happen?”

The internet is a piece of todays world. It is a marvelous place for immediacy. I love immediacy.

Why culture?

We are moving into season 2 content from the last season finale episode. Culture, technology and the internet co-exist together. We cover this and more:

  • What elements are important when discovering the relationship between culture and the internet
  • The psychological traits that the internet space is built upon
  • Company culture from the point of view of a black employee
  • A few of the exceptional ways the internet has created opportunities

Oops, the internet is down!

Walking down the street no one really thinks about what internet content someone has online or what they will post next even if they are looking at their phone. Firstly, no one is a mind reader and no one is able to predict the future. Every great, highly active social media platform or website build and design ways to attract new users, keep the users on their website or convince them to take action. That is the world we live in today. A place where there is a medium where billions of voices, information and entertainment have become what some schools call mixed media. Add on the ability to move freely from one place to the next. The internet user has the option of choice or can stay with the same set of platforms like Facebook or Apple News or Instagram. Once someone has bought into a platform it is likely they will try another one at some point. No one expects to be on the same website for years or decades.

Elemental Culture

Culture is something that doesn’t care about where you get it as long as you have it. Most notably music as an embodiment of culture. It doesn’t matter where you get your music whether it be Spotify or the local record store. It’s still music!

The internet is a tribal culture where the platforms that a user is on provide the structure of the tribe. It can be indifferent. Web savvy and psychological traits are sold in trade. Attention of the user is the going rate. One of these platforms is a utopia for the inhabitants.

What’s next?

You might have guessed next season will be focused on culture from the lens of technology. Unmotive Show is going to continue to bring together guests that have something to say about culture. As the host I will be exploring the content of social media influencers, youtube creators and other mixed media providers that delve deeper into the cultural phenomenon that created the success of the world wide web.

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