Community shaped by a faith-based coworking space in Palo Alto

In season two episode two, we talk with Jake Duckworth in the heart of the Silicon Valley. A pastor from Crossroads Community Church in Palo Alto is a musician and presiding pastor at the church and the technology-based community coworking space that is hosted on church grounds. This episode is about the different ways that the community has grown with it. Jake does talk about Christianity like how he interacts with the people at the coworking space. In addition, we talk about how music is used at Crossroads Community Church.

Very often people are facing very desperate situations and you wouldn’t know it […] often times we need to gain trust; be in proximity with people like that and be friends with people like that

About Sacred Space

Sacred space is a technology coworking space that is operated at Crossroads community church in Palo Alto, California. The space is well-lit, inviting and quiet enough that guests can work at their own pace. There have been many different guests from regular visitors to one-day guests. It has everything coworking spaces have to offer plus a vibe of peace and tranquility.

What’s Love Got to do With it

We have seen that culture is musical. Let’s juxtapose Rock & Roll. Each fan group will tend to stick within their musical taste with the hearts and minds of the musicians they follow. American Idol isn’t trying to make Clay Aiken a super-star on the level with legends. As a group all the American Idols and musicians make a body of work that is culturally substantial. The second season of Unmotive Show is bringing the culture back to popular culture. 

Put Your Shoes by the Door

Attention usually isn’t paid to something if there isn’t any belief behind it. It is either ignored or the mind fights it off. The many different pictures that make up a larger story isn’t necessary or unnecessary to get an idea of what it’s all about. We are fishing, the fish are already in the net, the table is set and it’s time to wash your hands for dinner; or maybe it’s a chicken night. Neither the fisherman or the farmer is going to ask which came first the chicken or the egg. 

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