Episode 9: Sani Momoh on Juneteenth, technology in social work and online news

In light of Juneteenth we have a special episode with Sani Momoh a social worker in the San Jose Bay Area. We the topic of social injustice with technology as a bridging topic. Not only do we talk about online news media as it relates to social injustice but we include a segment on the micro issues in equality for black people. Sani also answers an interesting question: How would he allocate funds matching the $100,000 million dollar commitment Apple made to the cause to support #blacklivesmatter

Culture From the Lens of Technology

This is a bridging topic for the next season of Unmotive Show. It has been tightly under wraps for the last 6 months. In light of recent events, as the host of the show I am considering the topic of culture from the lens of technology as something of interest to the overall subjects we have been covering thus far.

Juneteenth: A Black Mans take on the surrounding issues

As it is there are many places to get your news from, TV, social media, and online news channels to name a few. Sani, as a professional working within the community gives his insight into how he stayed up to date with the most accurate information. With the protesting sparked by George Floyds murder we have also seen a proliferation of news regarding social injustice and equality. In this episode we also talk about some of the macro issue of equality and the micro issues within that subject such as police brutality.

It is very important that an individual has a reliable source of getting information and not just utilizing any platform online, again, it is all about getting accurate and correct information

We conclude with a brief synopsis of the Juneteenth holiday, what it represents and it’s history.

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