Moving the crowd w/ DJ Jay Hill

To kick of the return of Unmotive Show I want to start with a prequel to the third season. Jay Hill is a DJ and upcoming podcaster. He was nice enough to record an episode for Unmotive Show. So far he has a few episodes recorded but not released for his show Weekly Ingance. We talk about mental health a little bit during the episode. How music can be a mode of therapy. Just enough to be fun, and that’s what I want. To make talking about mental health fun. 

I don’t get depressed, I have my friends to talk to about stuff

We also talk about music and the cultural effects it has on the world. We bounce back from subject to subject. I want to post a disclaimer. Any views or methods we talk about on this show are personal in nature, if you are having problems with your mental health, we implore you to seek help from a medical professional. 

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