Episode 2: Greg Morawietz On Web Security and Big Data

We will be sitting down with Greg Morawietz the owner of Single Point of Contact(SPOC) a web security company in Palo Alto, CA. We talk about big data, privacy concerns and how regular users can secure their computers.

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Episode 1: Chris Marciano – 10x with UX

For the first episode of Unmotive Show we have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Marciano from Neuron UX which is a UX design firm located in San Francisco. Their offices were originally in Palo Alto. They host a regular UX meetup called Beer and UX where over 1000 UXers have met to share their interests in UX design, listen to keynote speakers and network.

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Episode 0: Host Rotimi Introduces Unmotive Show

Emoji’s the perfect symbol for this show. We take the new technological capacity of the internet to be a communication medium for users. In fact, this podcast is taking advantage of one of these new communication mediums. 

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