Episode 10: From MVP to Minimum Lovable Product with Ed Ipser

Ed Ipser is the founder of IpserLab and Coactify. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has been an an entrepreneur since right out of college. Learning from these founding experiences he has been applying his experience but has also found that building a successful business based on technology often involves elements of market…

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Episode 5: Entrepreneur Danny Mclane Talks Tech and Motivation

Danny Mclane is the owner and operator of JamiiTech, a web and application development agency in San Jose, California. He gives mentoring to youth groups, creates technology strategies for businesses and speaks on career growth in tech. He is a leader and visionary. As someone well positioned in the Silicon Valley to give insight into…

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Episode 2: Greg Morawietz On Web Security and Big Data

We will be sitting down with Greg Morawietz the owner of Single Point of Contact(SPOC) a web security company in Palo Alto, CA. We talk about big data, privacy concerns and how regular users can secure their computers.

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