Episode 7: Andrew Jarecki on working remotely in UX Design during Covid-19

UX Designer Andrew Jarecki is a UX designer with over 8 years of experience. That said, he is not a junior designer anymore. With this experience we talk to him about his career in UX design. Currently, he is a contractor at Visa and we also talk about some career and resume tips to get job seekers going in their search for a UX design position. 

We skim over some topics in UX design such as design principles and how to apply them. More substantially for todays current events with COVID-19 we conclude with a discussion on remote working during this pandemic.

Don’t disregard those automated job messages that look like a form letter sent to a million other people because there is a Sourcer or Agent personally waiting to respond to you when you reply

We have all been affected by the pandemic but technology companies may still be hiring and able to provide work. With unemployment at an all time high, technology may pose some solutions for companies looking to keep business going during the pandemic. For a simple example, restaurants are moving to online orders with takeout or delivery to keep operations running. In the high tech field, video conferencing and the availability of a large selection of web apps can support operations and allow them to run completely virtually. In todays, episode we explore remote work through Andrew’s experience at Visa.

You can find Andrews Portfolio jarecki.co

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