Episode 3: Design Patterns with Miguel Coder

We get to talk about Apple and more so working at Apple as a programmer with Miguel Coder. We also talk about his take on why programming is so fun and rewarding for so many people.

We finally get to talk a little about the phenomenon that Apple started where first adopters stand in line to get the newest product. This is from a developers point of view, albeit a insiders point of view.

We even get into the details of code with a discussion on the VueJS and ReactJS open source front end framework for progressive web apps.

The first time I touched a mouse I knew I had to do this forever.  I love coding […] If you do whatever makes you feel good you will be great at it. I promise you that.

We also get to talk about some of my favorite subjects metaphysics and philosophy centered around computers. How we are almost in a renaissance period for computer software. Developers and companies through open-source packages have more knowledge at their fingertips to create the next big thing.

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