Join us in the discussion as we sprinkle a dash of fun into the serious business of mental health. Let's make talking about our feelings as easy as sharing a good joke. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

New Episodes

Sex and porn: the other side of the internet – w/ Josh Shea

Today we are afflicted with a preponderance of media on the internet. From Youtube to TikTok, video has taken over the...

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Cultural differences that work for us w/ Rosalinda Gallegos

“As a society, we tend to forget that artists are human beings who have past traumas which if neglected will start...

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Building brands and business culture w/ Kyle Duford

It was great that Kyle Duford accepted our invitation to be a guest on Unmotive Show. Kyle is the head of...

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Coaching & Motivation w/ Ari Gunzburg

Next up we have Ari Gunzburg. Ari is a graphic design director by day and by night he is a motivational...

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Moving the crowd w/ DJ Jay Hill

To kick of the return of Unmotive Show I want to start with a prequel to the third season. Jay Hill...

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Bringing the digiverse together for greater good

In this episode of Unmotive Show, we talk with Brian Krawitz talks more about his project “The Connected Experience” (T.C.E). He...

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Where, What and When?

We categorize this podcast as culture & technology. The podcast started with the idea that technology was part of our modern society as we rolled our own version of what that means. If you believe the internet is new – which it is in some ways but not in others – then come join us as we discover some other parts of our culture a little less talked about with a discussion about mental health too.

What's in a name

Originally, the show was going to be called Emotive but Unmotive sounded more like the name of a show. This name was meant to conjure up the emoticons that are so popular today in text communications. Emoticons are the perfect representation of the overlying principles at work in every episode: a communication method that use symbolism and is now ubiquitous . Read More on the About Page

Unmotive Show by Rotimi Ajayi-Dopemu | Produced in association with Questist LLC

Express Yourself

Unmotive Show began with the aim to get closer to users by making them feel at home with technology. The second season continued this trend by looking at the todays culture and the internet. The third season is all about bringing your A game by exploring opportunities in self-growth through the podcast/interview format.

Show Hosts

Currently, Unmotive: Real Interviews and Cool Web Trends is in the third season which brings a personal aspect to the formula for your personal growth. We explore mental health with coaches, psychiatrist, and those who have overcome adversity.

Rotimi Ajayi-Dopemu

Hi, I a software engineer who made it my passion to bring the intangible to life. I used to exist under the premise that the status quo was not enough. I started Unmotive Show with a purpose in mind. To keep myself and the listeners in the know about fringe benefits of the internet that build up into trends. I have 21 years of progressive experience using technology. For fun, I do creative activities like logical games and mind mapping. I hope that this podcast will reach the outer limits of the technological plane.

Join us on this friendly exploration of the world of technology. The raw views on the show are uncut; not watered down by ulterior motives. Unmotive Show breaks down what was once large and complex into a casual discussion for tech professionals and especially everyone else.

The topics revolve around the culture we have to be part of today. How we can grow in this modern world, and various aspects of mental health that are conducive to our listeners enjoyment of the state of being a denizen of the internet.

There are billions of technology users worldwide.
Every user is connected to the culture around them