The Video Marketing Biz: Passion to Business w/ Joe Marotta

We’re wrapping up the third season soon, with only two more episodes left till the season finale. In this episode, we’re speaking with...

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Sex and porn: the other side of the internet – w/ Josh Shea

Today we are afflicted with a preponderance of media on the internet. From Youtube to TikTok, video has taken over the world wide...

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Cultural differences that work for us w/ Rosalinda Gallegos

“As a society, we tend to forget that artists are human beings who have past traumas which if neglected will start to consume...

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Building brands and business culture w/ Kyle Duford

It was great that Kyle Duford accepted our invitation to be a guest on Unmotive Show. Kyle is the head of an agency...

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Coaching & Motivation w/ Ari Gunzburg

Next up we have Ari Gunzburg. Ari is a graphic design director by day and by night he is a motivational speaker and...

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Moving the crowd w/ DJ Jay Hill

To kick of the return of Unmotive Show I want to start with a prequel to the third season. Jay Hill is a...

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